5 new posters of 300:RoE

After the release of the official wallpapers Warner Bros revealed five new character posters from 300:Rise Of An Empire.

Each f the characters has it’s own tagline that describes their motives and their ambitions, and some are just inspirational like Artemisia’s If Death Comes I’m Ready. Ok, maybe not. Queen Gorgo has the most understandable line Avenge Him, which is clear reference to King Leonidas.

Xerxes, of course plans on burning cities but Themistokles defies him with his own Seize The Glory. Calisto’s line explains what everyone else is thinking, War Is In My Blood.

Anyhow the posters are really nice in the style of 300, action packed and aggressive, no remorse.

Rise of An Empire premieres on 7 March 2014, directed by Noah Murro.

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