The Walking Dead half-season 6 poster revealed

“A Larger World” is the tagline for the second half of season 6 of the hit zombie show.

The new poster of The Walking Dead is a composition of seven images, not a standard poster of a single graphic involving the characters. We can only see Rick in this one (as always) and strangely, Morgan.
The Walking Dead season 6 poster

If we believe that the poster is a good representation of what’s to come, it seems certain that the group has left Alexandria for good and they are on the road again. The most puzzling piece of the poster is the giant antenna dish. I wonder if there’s going to be a contact with other survivors and possible civilized society happening elsewhere on earth.

The Walking Dead will return on February 14th with another eight episodes to conclude the sixth season.

“Don’t Look Back” trailer – The Walking Dead

Two more weeks (plus some) till the premiere of the 9th episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead. In the mid-season finale we finally saw the end of the Governor (offed by Michonne, which was adequate). We also saw that the group we all loved  torn apart, earlier two-three episodes first Carol had to leave the prison, and finally in the 8th episode everything fell apart including the prison which is now infested with walkers.

Rick and Carl got together, Daryl and Beth are also together, everybody who got on the bus, so that is three groups we are hoping will somehow find each other again. AMC released (a really short one) trailer for the second half of the fourth season of The Walking Dead.

Hey it is just 30seconds but looks awesome.

“It’s not gonna be easy” says Rick, well it never is with these people.

“But we are not too far gone”. Are they? The list of the group members grows thin by the season…

Don’t Look Back says the new The Walking Dead poster

the walknd dead season 4 poster with carl and rick


AMC decided to treat us with a nice new poster for the mid-season premier of The Walking Dead which returns on February 9.

As you can see the poster features Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and while that doesn’t reveal much of the plot for the second half of season 4, there’s that ominous, bloody  “Don’t Look Back” above them.

It is safe to say that the prison is a forgotten story and no one is getting back there which was evident from the mid-season finale when all those zombies went in there. AMC did a nice wrap on that one tying up the storyline with the Governor.

Many questions remain open right now, like where’s Judy? Will Carol ever get back? Will the group get back together at all? Does the poster mean that the focus will be on Rick and Carl for the rest of the season?

What do you think?

The Walking Dead season 4 wallpapers released

andrew lincoln as rick grimes in the walking dead

AMC released seven new wallpapers of the hit TV show The Walking Dead as the premiere of its fourth season getting near (October 13th).

According to an official statement and a trailer the show picks up a month after the survivors settle in the prison and it seems that there have been no incidents so far. Of course one will happen in episode 1, otherwise what’s the point in making a zombie tv show?

It is not clear if former main cast memebers will appear again like Laurie Holden who played Andrea or Sarah Wayne Callies who played Rick’s wife Lori. Of of the original cast still remain Andrew Lincoln, Chandler Riggs, Steven Yeun, Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride. Lauren Cohan and Emily Kinney joined the show in its second season as the Greene sisters and finally in season three the cast was “updated” with Danai Gurira is the ultra-cool sword wielding Michonne.

Now the great thing about AMC is that starting on October 7 they will air an all season marathon that will last until the premiere of season 4. As a bonus for all fans is the news that on October 1st on AMC’s you tube channel will be released three new webisodes of The Walking Dead. Read about it more on the official AMC’s blog.  For more news follow hashtag #TWD on twitter.

Download the wallpapers by clicking on them. Find previous TWD wallpapers here.

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