Neighbors HD screencaps starring Zac Effron and Seth Rogen

zac effron as teddy sanders in neigbors

Neighbors is an upcoming raunchy comedy starring Zac Effron as a frat house president and Seth Rogen as a family man who is next door neighbor.

I don’t think we’ve seen Effron in this type of a movie while it looks like a Seth Rogen standard, but the outcome might be just hilarious. Joining these two is Rose Byrne as Seth Rogen’s on screen wife and Dave Franco as a fraternity brother. Right after the release of the Neighbors trailer the internet was buzzing with images and articles about Effron’s ripped body so let us hope that it’s not the only card the studio is playing on. The comedy is directed by Nicholas Stoller.

Down below you can grab 11 HD screencaps from the movie and use them as wallpapers.

In short:

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