Star Wars: The Force Awakens first teaser and screenshots!

In what has been quite the year of expectations and small rumors and details of the filming of the new Star Wars movie, today we get the first teaser trailer, and with it first screens and many questions. Also a weird sword-like lightsaber.

The trailer features John Boyega most prominently, right at the beginning  and a female character riding some sort of a vehicle, that could be Daisy Ridley.

Even though Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are part of the cast ( I am assuming in supporting roles, or in roles with less action), they do not appear in this teaser trailer.

Star Wars - The Force Awakens trailer screenshots - The Millennium falcon
The Millennium Falcon
Star Wars - The Force Awakens trailer screenshots
Is this Mark Hamill?
Star Wars - The Force Awakens trailer screenshots
John Boyega

Star Wars - The Force Awakens trailer screenshots Star Wars - The Force Awakens trailer screenshotsStar Wars - The Force Awakens trailer screenshots

And the most controversial scene in this “bits and pieces” teaser trailer is the sword-like lightsaber, which has the extra handle tiny lightsabers. I guess after the introduction of the double bladed lightsaber in The Phantom Menace, this is a natural progression in technology in the Star Wars franchise, even though it is weird that in the original trilogy none of these lightsaber versions appear. This one has this flamy quality to it, it’s not just the regular laightsaber buzzing we’re used to.

Star Wars - The Force Awakens new lightsaber
Judging by the setting in this screenshot and the shadowy figure holding the new lightsaber, this is probably a Sith Lord we’re talking about.

And finally the first teaser for Episode VII – The Force Awakens…in a galaxy far, far away…

Episode VII is directed by J.J. Abrams and it’s scheduled to premiere in December 2015. Just in time for Christmas in about a year. 🙁

Watch the second trailer of The Force Awakens here!

The Giver official trailer starring Brenton Thwaites

The Giver is an upcoming sci-fi drama movie starring Brenton Thwaites as the young Jonas who lives in a seemingly perfect world. The truth comes out when he is chosen to be the future “giver” and receives all of the past memories of his community.

The old giver is played by Jeff Bridges while Meryl Streep plays the Chief Elder, I am assuming that is the “bad guy” in this movie. Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd and Katie Holmes play the father and mother of Jonas. Young actor Brenton Thwaites recently had prominent roles in Maleficent as Prince Phillip alongside Angelina Jolie, and the horror Oculus.

The Giver is based on the popular young adult novel by Lois Lowry. Phillip Noyce is the director of the film which is scheduled to premiere on August 15th in the US.

the giver official trailerAs movies based on young-adult fiction novels have become quite popular since Twilight, one must wonder if the movie will be a success or if it bombs. Looking at the cast of The Giver you can say it has a strong chance to be a success at the box office, even though teenagers aren’t really familiar with actors like Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep. Adults that know their work and previous movies can be disappointed by their choice to be in such a movie.

Divergent for example was a huge success with three more movies scheduled to be made, had fairly famous (but not to famous) young actors as leads, but also accomplished actress Ashley Judd and Kate Winslet as a back up and to broaden the target audience. The Giver is following that same recipe too, with Brenton Thwaites, Odeya Rush and Taylor Swift to appeal to the younger, teenage audience.

Still, if played well and with good internet marketing I think that The Giver, which has an interesting premise has a good chance to be a success. What do you think?

You can follow The Giver movie official twitter profile for regular updates.

Lucy – Leeloo plays Bradley Cooper in Limitless 2

I am a bit late on this one, but none the less, Lucy is the latest movie by French director Luc Besson. The plot of the movie is very similar to the one of Limitless starring Bradley Cooper except this time there’s a girl in the lead role played by Scarlett Johansson and the drug is extremely powerful to the point where Lucy can actually intercept and see cell phone conversation in the air, while ordinary people need smartphones to do that. Also Lucy can pretty much learn anything and be anything and understand the secrets of the universe. She does remind me of Leeloo, Besson’s divine creation from the Fifth Element.

If you haven’t seen it already watch the trailer above and tell me what you think. To me it looks like those B-graded sequels of a really good first movie, but considering that it’s a Besson movie and Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman are in it, perhaps we can expect much more than a clichĂ©d storyline with one or two good fight scenes.

Godzilla official trailer reveals the backstory

Remember how we didn’t see the monster in the teaser trailer? Well, we still don’t get a good look of it, but we have a glimpse at the back-story in the full trailer.

In the full trailer for Godzilla we get to see the familiar, seriously concerned face of Bryan Cranston talking about how whatever it is destroying cities (and it’s not a typhoon or earthquake) could send back humanity to the stone ages. Which implies that someone is trying to hide the existence of the monster at least until it’s killed.

The character played by Ken Watanabe says  “in 1954 we awakened something” and “the nuclear test back then, were not test” but that they were trying to kill the monster. Now where was the monster hiding for about 60 years? Maybe it was contained by whoever tried to capture it then and now Godzilla managed to escape somehow?

I like how they connected the movie plot with a real life event and tried to give it meaning. There’s also a scene in the trailer where they are standing in a huge skeleton, presumably of a creature of the same kind so maybe this one is another, not the same from 1954.

Godzilla is slated to premiere on May 16th, 2014 in cinemas across USA. Directed by Gareth Edwards, starring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Ken Watanabe and Juliette Binoche.

Fun fact: Taylor-Johnson and Olsen are playing a husband and wife in Godzilla and brother and sister in The Avengers 2 :).

bryan cranston and aaron taylor johnson in godzilla godzilla trailer




Rise Of Electro – Amazing Spider-Man 2 Promo Video

Yet another video of  The Amazing Spider-man 2, focused and titled Rise of Electro. The first minute or so in the video we see Peter Parker aka Spider-man happily jumping of buildings, twisting in air, saving people etc, but in the second half we can see that fighting three villains at the same time doesn’t quite fit the job he signed up for.

We all know that Gwen Stacy eventually dies, will it be in this Spider-man movie of the franchise reboot? Or maybe they keep it for the next one and maybe we finally meet Mary Jane?

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