Indiana Jones 5 confirmed!

Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford will work together again on Indiana Jones 5! Premiere expected in July 2015.

According to a Disney announcement, Steven Spielberg will return to direct the fifth installment of the adventure saga that started back in 1981 with Raiders of the Lost Arc.

Harrison Ford Indiana Jones 5
Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the temple of Doom

After the first movie the franchise continued with a prequel, Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom (1984) and two sequels. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was released in 1989 and the second one Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a more recent movie (2008) also starring Cate Blanchet as the villain.

All moves were directed by Steven Speilberg and produced by Lucasfilm, with George Lucas as the story’s writer/co-writer.

Now, that Lucasfilm is owned by Disney, it is unclear if George Lucas will still be involved in the making of Indiana Jones, or if Shia LeBeouf which had a prominent role in the previous film as Indiana Jones’ son will appear in this one too. So far we only got Spielberg and Ford.

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