X-Men: Apocalypse massive gallery of images and the Super Bowl spot

A new, short but sweet spot is available for the latest movie of the X-Men franchise which aired during the Super Bowl.

In X-Men: Apocalypse we see many new mutants with new abilities that in were barely or not at all present in the previous movies. Psylocke has an awesome scene of slahing a car in half, and of course, there’s Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur) played by Oscar Isaac, who played Poe Dameron in Star Wars.

“Only the strong will survive!”

We also see Sophie Turner from game of Thrones who plays young Jean Grey and Alexandra Shipp as Storm. After Days of Future Past, which fused the actors form the first trilogy and the new trilogy, looks like Apocalypse is under control of the new cast only.


Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, Olivia Munn as Psylocke, Michael Fassbender as Magneto, Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse, Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, Rose Byrne as Moira MacTaggert, Nicholas Hoult as Beast, James McAvoy as Charles Xavier, Alexandra Shipp as Storm, Kodi Smith-McPhee as Nightcrawler, Lucas Till as Havok, Tye Sheridan as Cyclops and Stan Lee.


X-Men Apocalypse imagesX-Men Apocalypse imagesX Men Apocalypse HD ScreencapsX Men Apocalypse HD ScreencapsX-Men Apocalypse imagesSophie Turner as Jean Grey in X Men ApocalypseJennifer Lawrence in X Men ApocalypseX Men Apocalypse HD ScreencapsX Men Apocalypse HD ScreencapsX Men Apocalypse HD ScreencapsX Men Apocalypse HD ScreencapsX-Men Apocalypse imagesMichael Fassbender in X Men ApocalypseJames McAvoy in X Men ApocalypseJennifer Lawrence in X Men Apocalypse HD ScreencapsX Men Apocalypse HD ScreencapsX Men Apocalypse HD ScreencapsX Men Apocalypse HD ScreencapsX Men Apocalypse HD ScreencapsX-Men Apocalypse imagesX Men Apocalypse HD ScreencapsX Men Apocalypse HD ScreencapsX Men Apocalypse HD ScreencapsX Men Apocalypse HD ScreencapsAlexandra Shipp in X Men ApocalypseX Men Apocalypse HD ScreencapsX Men Apocalypse HD ScreencapsX Men Apocalypse HD Screencaps - Jennifer LawrenceX Men Apocalypse HD ScreencapsX-Men Apocalypse imagesX Men Apocalypse HD ScreencapsX Men Apocalypse HD ScreencapsX-Men: Apocalypse is directed by Bryan Singer. Premieres on 27 May 2016.

Luke Skywalker is the narrator of the second teaser for The Force Awakens

The second teaser of Star Wars Episode VII was released, and while there isn’t much action, there are few moments of nostalgia in there, and a not so mysterious narrator. Will Ben Skywalker be the star of the new trilogy?

While the teaser trailer is almost two minutes long, much of it is just black crossovers, an intro and outro. There are just few exciting scenes.
It opens with the line “The force is strong in my family” right before a scene of the ruined Darth Wader helmet, during which the narrator also says “My father has it” which seems like it’s Luke speaking, but “has it” would suggest that whoever is narrating the teaser has a father that is actually alive, or at least considered alive in some form (remember the ghostly figures at the end of The Return of the Jedi?).

Darth Vader ruined mask in The Force Awakens
Apparently they keep the mask in a museum back on Coruscant 🙂

But, continuing, right in the next scene, the narrator says “I have it” and we clearly see a hooded person with a  robotic arm touching R2D2.

Luke Skywalker and R2D2 in The Force Awakens
These two lines along with the video clearly prove that it is Luke Skywalker, and it is probably that he is speaking this to his son, Ben Skywalker because the line ends with “You have that power too“. It is rumored that the role of Ben Skywalker will be played by Domnhall Gleeson, while he is listed on the IMDb page of the movie as one of the cast it does not say yet which character he will be playing.

After few action scenes, mainly with John Boyega and Daisy Ridley (characters Finn and Rey) we get the first look of an (obviously) older Han Solo and not so obviously older Chewbacca.

Han Solo and Chewbacca in The Force Awakens
“Chewie, we’re home!”

If we take into account the narration in this teaser, looks like John Boyega and Daisy Ridley will be “Solo and Chewie” type of characters, a serious part of the plot and main cast, but the true star of the new trilogy will be Ben Skywalker, just like his father was in the original trilogy and his grandfather in the prequel trilogy. it is very likely that we will get more action by him in the first official trailer, which is yet to be released by Lucas Film.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens will premiere on Christmas 2015. The new Star Wars movie is directed by J.J. Abrams (who was also behind the Star Trek franchise reboot) and it stars Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher from the original trilogy and new comers Daisy Ridley, Domnhall Gleeson and John Boyega.

The plot of the new Star Wars episode is set 30 years after the events in The Return of the Jedi.

Insurgent movie stills and the final trailer

The final trailer of Insurgent arrived, titled “We Stand Together”. Insurgent is the second installment of the Divergent series starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James.

Not counting The Hunger Games, Divergent is the most successful young adult franchise produced by Summit Entertainment and Lionsgate, based on the books by Veronica Roth.

Divergent practically launched Woodley’s career and along with “The Fault In Our Stars” managed to get a star rating in just under a year.

While director of the first movie, Divergent was Neil Burger, Insurgent was directed by Robert Schwentke.

Below you can find a gallery of 33hi-def image stills from the trailer, some of them could be great as wallpapers for plenty devices and PCs.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens first teaser and screenshots!

In what has been quite the year of expectations and small rumors and details of the filming of the new Star Wars movie, today we get the first teaser trailer, and with it first screens and many questions. Also a weird sword-like lightsaber.

The trailer features John Boyega most prominently, right at the beginning  and a female character riding some sort of a vehicle, that could be Daisy Ridley.

Even though Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are part of the cast ( I am assuming in supporting roles, or in roles with less action), they do not appear in this teaser trailer.

Star Wars - The Force Awakens trailer screenshots - The Millennium falcon
The Millennium Falcon
Star Wars - The Force Awakens trailer screenshots
Is this Mark Hamill?
Star Wars - The Force Awakens trailer screenshots
John Boyega

Star Wars - The Force Awakens trailer screenshots Star Wars - The Force Awakens trailer screenshotsStar Wars - The Force Awakens trailer screenshots

And the most controversial scene in this “bits and pieces” teaser trailer is the sword-like lightsaber, which has the extra handle tiny lightsabers. I guess after the introduction of the double bladed lightsaber in The Phantom Menace, this is a natural progression in technology in the Star Wars franchise, even though it is weird that in the original trilogy none of these lightsaber versions appear. This one has this flamy quality to it, it’s not just the regular laightsaber buzzing we’re used to.

Star Wars - The Force Awakens new lightsaber
Judging by the setting in this screenshot and the shadowy figure holding the new lightsaber, this is probably a Sith Lord we’re talking about.

And finally the first teaser for Episode VII – The Force Awakens…in a galaxy far, far away…

Episode VII is directed by J.J. Abrams and it’s scheduled to premiere in December 2015. Just in time for Christmas in about a year. 🙁

Watch the second trailer of The Force Awakens here!

The Giver official trailer starring Brenton Thwaites

The Giver is an upcoming sci-fi drama movie starring Brenton Thwaites as the young Jonas who lives in a seemingly perfect world. The truth comes out when he is chosen to be the future “giver” and receives all of the past memories of his community.

The old giver is played by Jeff Bridges while Meryl Streep plays the Chief Elder, I am assuming that is the “bad guy” in this movie. Alexander Skarsgård and Katie Holmes play the father and mother of Jonas. Young actor Brenton Thwaites recently had prominent roles in Maleficent as Prince Phillip alongside Angelina Jolie, and the horror Oculus.

The Giver is based on the popular young adult novel by Lois Lowry. Phillip Noyce is the director of the film which is scheduled to premiere on August 15th in the US.

the giver official trailerAs movies based on young-adult fiction novels have become quite popular since Twilight, one must wonder if the movie will be a success or if it bombs. Looking at the cast of The Giver you can say it has a strong chance to be a success at the box office, even though teenagers aren’t really familiar with actors like Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep. Adults that know their work and previous movies can be disappointed by their choice to be in such a movie.

Divergent for example was a huge success with three more movies scheduled to be made, had fairly famous (but not to famous) young actors as leads, but also accomplished actress Ashley Judd and Kate Winslet as a back up and to broaden the target audience. The Giver is following that same recipe too, with Brenton Thwaites, Odeya Rush and Taylor Swift to appeal to the younger, teenage audience.

Still, if played well and with good internet marketing I think that The Giver, which has an interesting premise has a good chance to be a success. What do you think?

You can follow The Giver movie official twitter profile for regular updates.