The Best Offer trailer Giuseppe Tornatore new film

The Best Offer (La Migliore Offerta) is an Italian art related mystery drama starring Geoffrey Rush, Jim Sturgess and Sylvia Hoeks.

Rush plays a master auctioneer of fine art who one day stumbles upon an extremely introvert, reclusive wealthy heiress that collects art pieces. There’s this interesting play with the names of he main characters Virgil “Oldman” and Claire, which half describes the relationship of an older man (oldman) and Claire (meaning clear, new, bright) while the character is extremely covert and interacts with Virgil from behind walls and closed doors.  Jim Sturgess is playing the role of Virgil’s best friend who is also repairing some of the art pieces Virgil recovers from the house of Claire.

Art lovers are going to be really happy and have the chance to spot some real works of art during the movie, including paintings from Rubens, Modigliani,  Goya, Titian, Petrus Christus etc.

Another treat we’re getting from The Best Offer is a soundtrack by Enio Morricone who was working with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra to record the music for the film. It’s playing in theaters across America right now, I know there’ll be many of you who wouldn’t miss this opportunity to see a truly art movie.

Director of the movie is Giuseppe Tornatore who also directed the famous Cinema Paradiso and Malena.

Endless Love with Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde trailer

This is the official trailer for Endless Love an upcoming movie (premieres on Valentine 2014) starring Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde. At first glance the movie seems like a rich girl falls for “less fortunate” guy, but according to the plot on imdb there’s all sorts of burnt houses and mental institutionalization.

Looks interesting for a Valentine movie and the tagline “Say Goodbye to Innocence” does promise a lot more. If not, at least it will be a movie filled with beautiful people in it, so easy on the eyes.

Get the HD screencaps here.

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The Book Thief Official Trailer HD

Set in World War II The Book Thief is an inspiring story about young Liesel (played by Sophie Nélisse) who once set in a foster family finds consolation in stealing books and reading them with others. The rest of the cast include brilliant actors like Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson.

Directed by Brian Percival The Book Thief is based on the novel written by Markus Zusak.