….This is the End

How was it you ask? Well, you are watching it and hope that that is the end, but it just isn’t.

It’s like Seth Rogen had this idea about an apocalypse movie, but it wasn’t really a good idea, not even for a parody to which This Is The End aspires, so what was the only thing they could do to make it work? They made all the characters celebrities who play themselves at a party at James Franco’s.

And you’d think it’s funny, but the funniest moments happen at the begining and by the supporting actors Emma Watson and Michael Cerra (and Rihanna).

But it’s not like you’re gonna lose something if you watch, go ahead.

You can look at the screenshots, the plot becomes pretty obvious. Some spoilers there, perhaps.

emma watson in this is the end this is the end screencaps (2) james franco in this is the end this is the end screencaps (4) jay baruchel, james franco and seth rogen in this is the end emma watson and seth rogen


…today I saw “Holy Motors”

Welcome to the theater of the bizarre!

Even though it seems a weird movie with nine different stories that are not connected, there are in fact ten stories, the tenth being the one of the actor.

Here’s what I make of he story [possible SPOILERS]

I think that the story is set somewhere in near future Paris, where theaters and cinema has taken on a whole new level of existence, where the real world is a stage and actors are given assignments and scenarios by agency (in this case the studio/agency is Holy Motors which is a sort of a parody to Holy Wood) and actors play them out during the day. And all of it is filmed somehow by tiny tiny cameras for the audience to see (the start scene of the movie in the cinema is indicator that there’s audience and the tiny cameras are referenced by M. Oscar where he says that he misses the large and heavy visible cameras).Holy Motors (2)

It looks like one role could be  during several days if needed but in parts and possibly by different actors considering the incredible make up skills by the actors themselves. Also it seems that some roles take death quite seriously and it’s expected by the actor to take it seriously too. (Eva Grace/Jean character).

It’s evident that Jean and Oscar were in love before when real theaters existed yet. (that Samaritain hotel was possibly where they worked together)

All the acting is made possible by a limousines and a chauffeur who pays the actor after all the scenes/appointments have been done.Holy Motors (1)

Of course it doesn’t have to be in “near future” as I said above it all just could be a metaphore of an actor’s life and state of mind. It’s a movie about actors and how they dive into their different characters, their metamorphosis into the people they are suppose to be. It also asks the question as to where the line is drawn, what is an act and what real life. Do we live our life or do we pretend to live it? (too philosophical if you ask me, just watch the movie and enjoy the performance by Denis Lavant and the unexpected in the movie).

…today I saw “Argo”

What can i say? Ben Affleck did it! He absolutely did it.

Based on true events, that came into light some 17 years after “Argo” is a film about a CIA rescue mission of six employees of the American embassy in Iran in 1979. The rescue mission relies on a fake Canadian movie titled “Argo”, and Ben Affleck’s character is the rescuer.

it’s not an action packed movie, but it’s tension packed. Though you really can’t tell by looking at Affleck’s face during the movie, it’s sort of bland and indifferent except for a few times where he blinks. Perhaps it’s his tense face, who knows….argo screenshots (2) It wasn’t the best of performances but not bad either. Likable at least because of the character he was playing.

But as a director he proves himself which was asserted at the Golden Globes awards. I think it’s a mistake that he is left out as a nominee for Oscar as a director, but it is what it is.

John Goodman and Alan Arkin are the humor relief of the movie and they are quite good at it.argo screenshots (1)

Watch it. Or if you already did tell us what you think of it.

…today I saw “Pitch Perfect”

And it was….happy!

Seriously it’s a fun movie, there’s a good story going on even though certain cliches are present as in “guy gets girl” and “the girl gets the guy”, but since it’s a musical comedy the music makes it sort of special. For those who listen to pop music the soundtrack of the movie will be a blast.

The story revolves around two a cappella choirs from one college, one boy choir and the other rival choir, female led by Anna Camp and Brittany Snow and of course Anna Kendrick is the new girl or the twist.Anna Kendrick and Skylar Astin in Pitch Perfect

I was pleasantly surprised by Anna Kendrick and her voice talents, at first I thought that it was someone else doing the singing, but it turns out it’s the actors themselves.

The humor was not bad at all, in fact it was good. It has that Jude Apatow style of humor only better. And funny. Also Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins have some pretty great supporting roles, minimal but effective.Pitch Perfect Should you watch it? Of course, if you are into two hours of fun and a cappella covers of famous songs.

Get two Pitch Perfect wallpapers here.

…today I saw Silver Linings Playbook

…and it was awesome. I can see why all those Oscar nominations are happening.

Even though it would have a hard time getting the one for Best Motion Picture, the two nominations for best actor and actress in a lead role should be theirs.

silver linings playbook

Bradley Cooper outdid himself, so did Jennifer Lawrence. The rest of the cast doesn’t fall short but these really delivered.

Now a little about the movie. Even though the film is about people with serious problems it gives you this feeling that everything will be OK. Unrealistically as it seems if you think about it, it might just happen as it is in this movie. It’s a movie about family and family love.

it’s romantic, it’s funny, there are no story holes, no endings left untold. It’s complete. And it keeps you engaged every minute of almost two hours.

Should you watch it? Yes. Most definitely. You won’t regret it.