Will Sense8 be renewed for second season on August 8th?

The fans of Sense8 are still anticipating the announcement for the renewal of the second season of the Netflix original series by the Wachowskis. And while everybody is optimistic that the show will get a second season, not having any news is kind of a let down, and the latest rumours are that it actually might be cancelled.
Let’s hope that’s all just a build up and hype for the second season.

Meanwhile, Brian J. Smith tweeted “I know eight people who have a birthday coming up!”

Now, we all know 8/8 is the perfect date to give birth for a second season of an awesome show.


UPDATE: Today, again, Brian J. Smith tweeted “Happy”, which is connected to the fact that it’s 8/8, but there’s no ‘birthday’ after ‘happy’. It kinda feels like he is saying he is happy, one has to wonder why? 🙂