Download the cool, minimalist “skull” wallpapers from Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Wallpapers

DC Comics released a few new Suicide Squad posters in which each character is represented by a skull with a unique styling so we can recognize them.

The latest news on the film is that currently some reshoots are going on in order to make the film more “light” and more humorous. One would suspect that the Batman v Superman critics bashing is responsible for this and DC Comics isn’t taking any chances with this movie, even though Dawn of Justice is doing just fine on the box office.


Or you can download all of them in a zip file: suicide_squad_posters.


Now it was a shame not to be able to use the posters as desktop backgrounds, so I edited them a bit to make them more appropriate for landscape mode. Click the images for a larger view.

Suicide Squad WallpapersYou can also download them in a zip package: suicide_squad_wallpapers

Or download the Windows 8/10 theme: Suicide_Squad_Windows_Theme

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