Game Of Thrones: “All Men Must Die” poster plus wallpaper

all men must die three eyed raven

Coming back on April 6th and HBO is already flooding the internets with abundance of graphics for the hit show Game Of Thrones. After tweeting a series of character posters with the famous “Valar Morghulis” words, finally we get a one that comprises them all in English, “All Men Must Die” says Bran’s three eyed raven, and, the raven is made of the swords that are encrusted in the Iron Throne. I think we all understand now the “nobody’s safe rule”. Or maybe this is about what happened so far, especially the red wedding episode, where Rob, the King of the North, just like his father also a king, died. Any way, we all hope Joffrey is next in line….I mean being a king and all, not because he is an evil……creature.

all men must die game of thrones poster

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